The Economics of Sustainable Development

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This book brings together the lecture notes from the seminars held at the Finance and Sustainable Development Chair from 2007 to 2009. The first part is concerned with climate change policies, with particular emphasis on the relevance of traditional economic theories. The second part deals with economic concepts and methodologies associated with sustainable development. It presents the precautionary principle, discusses the concept of externalities and introduces the methodology of mean field games. The third part is devoted to models and empirical applications in various fields, such as water resources, gas emissions, and a sustainable development path. The fourth part deals with carbon markets, along with their theoretical justification and historical development. The last part focuses on socially responsible investment and gives insights in regard to its definition, its links with sustainable development, and the way it could be used for investment strategies.

Jean-Michel Lasry, Delphine Lautier & Damien Fessler (editors), The Economics of Sustainable Development, Economica, 2010


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